Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Möbius Strip - Möbius Strip (MUSEA RECORDS 2017)

MÖBIUS STRIP is the name of a young Italian Progressive jazz-rock band, made of Lorenzo CELLUPICA (Keyboards), Nico FABRIZI (Saxophone & flute), Eros CAPOCCITTI (Bass) and Davide RUFO (Drums). They got their inspiration in the object of the same name: since a Möbius strip geometrically connects the two sides of the same surface by starting a path on one of them, this also became the purpose of the musicians, to combine different styles and influences.

The result is to be heard on MÖBIUS STRIP's self-titled album, published in the year 2017 on the Musea Parallèle label. Here are five long tracks full of freshness and inventivity, completed by the short composition "Call It A Day". To be discovered !

1 - Bloo (9'41)
2 - Déjà Vu (8'28)
3 - First Impressions (7'52)
4 - Call It A Day (2'46)
5 - Andalusia (8'34)
6 - Möbius Strip (8'49)