Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rein Godefroy Trio - It Will Come (SAFE SOUND RECORDS 2017)

It Will Come is the first album of the Rein Godefroy Trio. A new trio witch is founded in 2016. It features Guus Bakker on bass and Pim Dros on drums.

The recording of this album took place in may 2016, at the wedgeview studios and was recorded by Udo Pannekket.

It became a very personal album where each composition has its own storyline.

1. It Will Come
2. Casual Fling
3. Trampoline
4. Old New
5. Blue on Blue
6. Moon
7. Epiphany
8. Blinkert
9. Knit Knat

Guus Bakker - double bass
Pim Dros - drums