Sunday, March 12, 2017

Greg Duncan & The Individuation Quintet - Unification (NEW ORIGINS 2017)

The Individuation Quintet was formed in 2014 to perform original straight ahead Jazz music influenced by the ideas of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. They released their first recording "Unification" (New Origins label) in February of 2017 and have performed at various clubs throughout Chicago. The purpose of the group is to create an awareness of Jung’s concepts such as Individuation, Synchronicity, and Archetypes – and in turn, help enrich people’s lives.

What is Individuation exactly? It can be defined as the gradual integration and unification of the self through the resolution of successive layers of psychological conflict (the term was created by Jung). But more simply, it is trying to be the best self possible by realizing your potential and abilities, as well as your Life Destiny. This not only applies well to a jazz group (where many individuals strive for the best expression of their self), but also to the audience and people in general.

In current times there is a lot of unexplained and random acts of violence and people are realizing the importance of mental health. Psychology and Music can help open more dialogs about these issues. There is also an overwhelming emphasis by the media to make ourselves better on the outside, but nobody talks about how to make ourselves better on the inside. Psychology and Music can help do that, and by playing Music influenced by Psychology we hope to provide awareness on how a greater examination of our Soul and our Life Destiny can provide meaning and clarity.

1. Intro. to the Subconscious 01:40
2. Out on a Limb 05:58
3. Constellated 08:58
4. Anima 07:39
5. Red's Song 03:09
6. Shadow Side 06:23
7. Path of Light and Darkness 05:44
8. Thinking Light 05:30
9. Say Hey 06:42  

Doug Rosenberg - sax
Xavier Breaker - drums
Ben Lewis - piano
Joel Kelsey - bass