Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jeremy Pelt - Make Noise! (HIGH NOTE RECORDS 2017)

A bandleader can command with his ego or he can direct from his heart. At the top of his game after twenty-plus years of musical experience, it's obvious that Jeremy Pelt, his exceptional talents as a trumpeter and composer accounted for, has tapped into a generous and encouraging spirit and built Make Noise! from the band up. That is, Pelt's four handpicked musical compatriots were fully expected to bring a firm artistic identity and fertile ideas to the game, which not surprisingly, each offered in abundance.

Allowing his bandmates to shine only threw greater light on their intuitive leader. In addition to leading his own bands since the turn of the new millennium, Pelt worked with such legendary jazz veterans as Johnny Griffin, Cedar Walton, Wayne Shorter, James Moody and Louis Hayes. Throughout Make Noise!, Pelt incorporates his accumulated knowledge of still vital jazz conventions, while also blending dynamic contemporary rhythmic and harmonic ploys in to the mix.

1. Prologue - Introduction to "Make Noise!"
2. Make Noise!
3. Prince
4. Cry Freedom
5. Digression
6. Introduction to "Evolution"
7. Evolution
8. Chateau d'Eau
9. Your First Touch...
10. Bodega Social

Jeremy Pelt, trumpet
Victor Gould, piano
Vicente Archer, bass
Jonathan Barber, drums
Jacquelene Acevedo, percussion