Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hellmüller Trio - Magnolia (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

The Swiss guitarist Franz Hellmüller and his trio build creative, refined musical worlds. Longing melodies, fine nuances, orchestral elements and aspects of rock come together to form vast, towering soundscapes. After his last two trio-albums “waiting for you” and “norsten”, celebrated by press and public alike, Hellmüller, together with the Swiss musicians Patrick Sommer (bass) and Martin Perret (drums), continues to pursue his musical vision with “magnolia” (out from Unit Records in March 2016). He remains faithful to his concept of improvisation, granting much freedom and space to each musician. A necessary condition for the emergence of the distinct “flow”, which is rapidly becoming Hellmüller’s trademark, especially when playing live.

The press has already likened his music to that of the Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheney, Bill Frisell and John Abercrombie trios; the brilliant interplay has been praised and the music has even been called “a piece of happiness”. No reason, therefore, to leave the chosen path. Yet Hellmüller does not stand still – his concern is to further develop his music, to let it flow, and to be open to it choosing new directions.

The way of playing is more important than putting the music into a defined category. If that happened, the “flow” would be lost or could not come into being – a freedom that Hellmüller wants to preserve for his music.

01. Ginepra 5:26
02. Augen-Blick-Verloren 5:50
03. Orb 4:42
04. Schwarzes Loch 5:09
05. Minimaxbum 3:46
06. Dadada 8:36
07. Flying Fish 3:42
08. Magnolia 7:09
09. Wieso?
10. Fall Is Not the End 5:45

Patrick Sommer – Bass
Martin Perret – Drums