Tuesday, March 21, 2017

David Tixier Piano Solo (feat. Sachal Vasandani) - The Giant Corners (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

The David Tixier Piano Solo Project is a journey that transcends innumerable worlds and eras of time. All the worlds are anchored by the same foundation, one that is charged with limitless imagination and an insatiable passion for narrating stories. The album title, “The Giant Corners”, personifies a melody that chronicles the life of a giant that is immovably stuck in a small universe—a small box with four minuscule corners called “Earth”. The plot metaphorically conveys man’s capacity for an unbounded and immeasurable potential for imagination and creativity; each mind has the capacity to cast and project itself unto any envisioned reality. Wherein, one’s only true barriers to this unbounded capacity are the current limitations of reality; these limitations are that of the “Giant Corners”.

In articulating the narrative through musical dialogue, David Tixier has partnered with the talented American singer Sachal Vasandani; Vasandani will chronicle the tale of the Giant through his voice among other creative stories in the Project. Vasandani’s voice complements Tixier’s dimensions and the duo have produced a truly unique ensemble through their pairing.

01. Imaginary Landscapes
02. Time Dilation
03. Eternal Uncertainity
04. Through The Window
05. Inner Vision
06. Substantial Existence, The Giant Corners
07. Tribute To Gaïa
08. How Deep Is The Ocean
09. From The Human Transcendency
10. Isn't She Lovely?

Sachal Vasandani - voice

All compositions by David Tixier except How Deep Is The Ocean from Irving Berlin and Isn't She Lovely from Stevie Wonder.
Recorded at Recording Studio of Bern Music Academy, in Bern, Switzerland and at Blend Studio, in Lutry, Switzerland.
Recording Date: 17th of January 2016 and 17th of March 2016
Studio engineer by: Chris Diggelmann
Mastering by: Thomas Maeder

Special Thanks to Lada Obradovic for all advices and for following closely this project through its evolution.Many thanks to my family, Myriam Tixier, Roland Barmès and Odette Barmès. Thanks to all my team Jacques Beaud, Tom Maeder, Manuel Devier, Vincent Triponez, Jennifer Scherler, Sachal Vasandani, Chris Diggelmann, K.T.Z. design and Unit Records.