Friday, February 3, 2017

Adam Teixeira - TEXTURE (February 03, 2017)

Adam Teixeira’s debut album TEXTURE presents an original drums/keyboards duo featuring Chris Pruden on Moog Voyager, synthesizers, keyboards and Adam Teixeira on drum set, kalimba, percussion, compositions. The ten compositions on the album express the Teixeira’s unique approach of unifying a variety influences including jazz, electronic and traditional world music in a modern and consistent genre bending sound.

The infectious rhythmic dialogues orchestrated from the drum kit, hypnotic synth bass lines and kalimba melodies are examples of Teixeira’s ongoing explorations and expansions of folkloric rhythmic traditions such as African, Afro-Caribbean and Indian Classical vocabularies. Combining these elements with Pruden’s atmospheric synth and harmonic landscapes, provides the perfect setting for the two musicians versed in jazz and creative music to interact in a collective improvisation that expresses imagery, shape and color, inspiring the name of the album TEXTURE. 

Adam formed this duo project in 2012 and the two musicians began performing regularly, developing a coherent sound in their energetic performances. It is evident throughout the album that the two musicians have a strong ability to read each other’s musical directions and create an almost telepathic interplay while keeping the shape of the compositions clear.


Adam Teixeira is a drummer and percussionist born in Toronto, Canada. His life in music began at an early age when he found a natural connection to the drum set and pursued the instrument throughout his childhood. Adam began to study, practice and develop a strong foundation in the rhythmic vocabularies of jazz, rock, world rhythms and orchestral percussion while playing in many jazz and concert bands throughout high school. The experience of rehearsing and performing regularly fuelled his passion for the art form and guided the next stage of his musical development.

Continuing formal studies in Jazz Performance at Humber College, Adam graduated in 2007 and began to perform regularly in the Toronto music scene. In 2008 he was accepted to participant in the International Jazz Workshop at The Banff Centre for the Arts where he studied and performed with renowned musicians from around the world. Returning to The Banff Centre in 2012, Adam fulfilled a self-directed music residency where he focused on expanding his artistic concepts and original compositions. Adam has been awarded the Chalmers Professional Development Grant from the Ontario Arts Council and Grants to Professional musicians from the Canada Council for the Arts to fulfill advanced study of world rhythms in Paris, France and expand his artistic vision. These experiences continue to enriched his voice as a musician and play a significant role in propelling his professional career.

Currently based in London, UK Adam performs regularly in the international music scene. Aside from being a in demand sideman, Adam continues to lead several original projects including the energetic drum and keys duo TEXTURE which express his vision of integrating the influences from many world rhythmic traditions in a modern musical palette. His enthusiasm, curiosity and constant practice in the art of music shape his work as a performer, composer and teacher.


1. Palms Edge
2. Couching on the Mountains
3. Open Horse 03:52
4. Five Pattern
5. House of the Invisible Realm
6. Corkscrew
7. In Day Night Day
8. Eye of the Phoenix
9. Dukes and Earls
10. Stereosternum

Chris Pruden - keyboards, synthesizer 
Justin Gray - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered 
IAIA productions- Artwork

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