Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adam Berenson - Nothingness (2017)

Classically-influenced jazz pianist/composer Adam Berenson has been described by author and Juilliard professor David Dubal as:

"what is needed in our over specialized society-- a true polyartist-- Pianist, Playwright, Composer, Teacher, Humanist, and a man to get to know because in his smooth, respectful style, Mr. Berenson has a lot to show and tell us about art, behavior, and the ability to survive with humor in a harsh and rough time where we have decided art is not of utmost importance."

01. Rainer Maria Rilke 5:19
02. The Imprecation 2:23
03. Nothingness 6:07
04. Love as Fable 6:10
05. Rothko's Feelings 3:42
06. The Secret Heart of a Familiar Stranger 7:21
07. The Apothecary Shop 5:31
08. The Chamber of Light 5:12
09. There's Something You Don't Know 4:19
10. A Mysterious Past with Dark Secrets 6:12
11. Goya's Dog 2:33
12. Patience 4:23
13. An Archetype of Absolute Lonliness 5:20