Tuesday, December 6, 2016

David Wise - Till They Lay Me Down (2016)

You may have found this album listed as “jazz.” Really, it’s just a collection of music that I felt it was most urgent to record. Whatever label you put on it, I hope you like it. As Gary Bartz says, “If I’m locked into a category, I’m in a room with walls around me. But music is the universe.” So here we go.

“What More Could One Man Want?” is an expression of something a lot of people are never lucky enough to experience. Jason Joseph steps in to voice that sentiment better than I ever could.

“Sylvia” and “Here’s that Rainy Day” are for my grandma and grandpa, Sylvia and Frank “Chesty” Grossman, without whom life would be a waste of time for everyone. 

“Til They Lay Me Down” means that for as long as I’m here, I’ll be me, and I’ll carry as a part of me every single person I’ve ever met and every single thing I’ve seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and done. You know who you are.

“Kol Nidre” is the central melody of Yom Kippur that I have heard sung by Philip Okun and Judy Belinkie all my life. I’ve drawn great musical inspiration from their interpretations.

If you fall asleep during “Lullaby,” I won’t be insulted. In fact, that’s the point.

“Home” is just that, a simple melody that makes me feel right at home.

“Life is But a Song” is a true story, and I was fortunate to have a friend like Amy K. Bormet to help fill in some of the gaps in my lyrics. Feel free to stand up, clap your hands, move your feet, whatever takes you there. Life is beautiful and you only get one. Thank you, and see y’all next time around.

01. What More Could A Man Want?
02. Sylvia
03. Here’s That Rainy Day
04. Home
05. Kol Nidre
06. Till They Lay Me Down
08. Lullaby
09. Life Is But A Song, Parts 1 & 2
10. Life Is But A Song, Part 3.

David Wise: tenor and baritone saxophone, vocals on tracks 8 and 9
Bruce Forman: guitar
Alex Frank: bass
Jake Reed: drums

Plus guests:
Jason Joseph, Laura Mace: vocals
Josh Smith: guitar
Glenn Morrissette: alto saxophone
R.W. Enoch: tenor saxophone
Amy K. Bormet: keyboard (track 1)
Mitchell Cooper: trumpet (tracks 1 and 9)
Mikala Schmitz: cello (tracks 2 and 8)