Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trio Now (Steve Hunt, Bruce Gertz & Jack Diefendorf) - Blue Shadow (2016)

Blue Shadow is the third release by Trio-Now. Award winning bassist and composer, Bruce Gertz, Steve Hunt and Jack Diefendorf are a collective force of communication. For the many Trio-Now fans who loved The Heart of A Champion and Someday Soon, their first two releases, this one is a landmark of higher communication. This is a must have CD for those who love the sound of Acoustic Jazz Bass, 9 foot concert grand Steinway Piano and classic jazz drum kit all played masterfully. The best recordings never get old and this one is sure to withstand the test of time. In addition to incredible performance this CD also has an equally amazing sound quality. The tunes are great and the trio gets deeper with each new release.

1. M.J. 8:24
2. Blue Shadow 7:40
3. Cell Mates / Apparition 15:46
4. Enchanted City Boogie 5:58
5. Intensions 6:38
6. Squeezed 6:00
7. Dream Time 12:41

Steve Hunt, piano
Bruce Gertz, double bass
Jack Diefendorf, drums