Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Simon Nabatov Trio - Picking Order (LEO RECORDS 2016)

After many years of navigating the tempestuous waters of free-improvised music, Simon Nabatov drops anew the anchor in the bay of written material, tunes, pre-determined dramaturgy and gestures — leaving plenty of room for suspense and surprise.

His new trio is a purely Cologne based venture and includes two of the brightest talents of its current scene the bassist Stefan Schönegg and the drummer Dominik Mahnig (who already appears on a couple of Leo Records releases). Every piece of this album tells a unique story, often choosing a specific route and vernacular to get to the core of the story unfolding.

Nebulous collective fluctuations get pierced by brutal invasions of well hidden Brazilian origins; a soulful groove disintegrates into a microtonally sliding dirge; a sunny song, seemingly maimed for good in the process, receives a glorious resurrection with a touch of Africa thrown in all of it, and much more, makes up the musical journey with the Simon Nabatov Trio.

Stefan Schönegg bass
Dominik Mahnig drums

01. Fill In The Blanks 18:56
02. Aria 6:36
03. Picking Order 7:20
04. Growing A Soul Patch 11:22
05. Turning Point 6:13
06. It's A Given 10:35
07. Chrystal Clear 1:43