Thursday, November 17, 2016

NAKAMA RECORDS LABEL-NIGHT: Saturday November 19, 21:00 (GMT+1)


You are hereby invited to a very special evening! On Saturday the 19th of November we are throwing our very own label-night at Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria in Oslo:

4 concerts (artists presented below)
pre-release of Nakama - Most Intimate
Free compilation CD with samples from out first eight recordings
Secret guest artists
Tons of merchandise with special offers
Afterparty with DJ Bendik Baksaas
+ more

We believe this is going to be a memorable evening, and we hope that you want to come and support our community and our music!

If you are not in town we offer a direct live-stream from 21:00 (GMT+1) at this link.
Link to the facebook event here.


Two violins seem to produce a united sound which is much greater than the sum of each instrument. The instruments resonate in a way that only two equal instruments can, and this  allows for enormous variations in dynamic and sound. The duo embraces both eclectic and slow expressions, but the main goal is to go where the music and the nerve exist in every moment.

Håkon Aase - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - violin


Improvisation, truth, joy, jazz and doubt. These are but a few of the elements that frequently emerge in the universe of Filosofer. The music unites an unorthodox string quartet consisting of two violins and two double basses with fresh input from computers, turntables, synthesizers and samplers. In what way are five jazz musicians the same as a string quartet and a DJ? “Filosofer” put their heads together and through the mercy of the moment they contemplate the riddle. It all collides in an improvisational play which holds powerful sounds, tender emotions and surreal musical narration.

Bendik Baksaas - data, synth, samples
Håkon Aase - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - violin
Erlend Albertse - double bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen - double bass


Andreas can be summed up as an open-minded and flexible musician. The projects he is involved with display a wide range of musical and dynamic output: Intricate improvisations with Lana trio, extreme bursts of energy in Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit or beat oriented modern jazz with Mopti and Bendik Baksaas.  To Andreas, diversity has never been a goal in itself, however the urge to explore new areas of music has always been there. Because creativity and intuition is always flowing and moving, never stopping in one place, it is the same way with the music he plays.

Andreas Wildhagen - drums and percussion


The piano is a vast instrument with a long history. If three pianists with highly dissimilar personalities play three pianos at the same time, would it be possible to get away from what is known as the piano sound? 3 pianos is an album made by a unique piano ensemble consisting of three musicians with different backgrounds and experience. The curiosity for the piano and its countless possibilities was the outset whereas the wish to bend the common boundaries for piano music was the background for this project. The ensemble makes music with clear connections to the music and the ideas of the twentieth century. The musicians develop the material in their own way by focusing on elements like tuning, register, intervals and dynamics. The material includes both written compositions and improvised pieces. The trio has a sophisticated way of instant-composing, and this quality reflects both the musicians individuality as well as there orientation towards interplay.

Ayumi Tanaka - piano
Johan Lindvall - piano
Christian Wallumrød - piano