Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fabrizio Graceffa - U-Turn (CHALLENGE RECORDS 2016)

On 'U-Turn', Fabrizio Graceffa is reunited with is longtime quartet featuring drummer Teun Verbruggen, bass player Boris Schmidt and trumpet player Jean Paul Estiévenart. The quartet is extended with first class musicians Nicolas Kummert (sax) and the young French trombonist Edouard Wallyn.

U-Turn is the second album by Belgium / Italian guitarist Fabrizio Graceffa. As on his previous album ‘Stories’ the influence of his musical heroes like Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Bill Frisell but also Jimi Hendrix and B.B King is clearly present. It is eclectic roadtrip through American and European jazz, folk, country, rock and even some classical elements. Like a musical road movie the music fits excellent while travelling!

01. Lupo  06:02
02. The Old Ship  07:25
03. 5.4  06:45
04. Self Control  08:06
05. Before You Go  05:59
06. Trois Fois Rien  09:45
07. Milton’s Dream  07:15
08. Neo  07:22
09. Something Is Missing  05:11
10. U-Turn  05:06

Fabrizio Graceffa (guitar & composition)
Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet)
Nicolas Kummert (tenor sax)
Edouard Wallyn (trombone)
Boris Schmidt (double bass)
Teun Verbruggen (drums)
Jacques Pili (electric bass on 4, 8 & 10)