Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flying Machines - Flying Machines (2016)

"Sweet, lyrical passages blend with impossible prog-like time signatures to create a fresh, modern sound with its own distinctive character" 
Peter Jones, LondonJazzNews 

"Incredible musicianship, tight and crisp" 
Jez Nelson, Jazz FM 

"...alchemical infusions of jazz, prog, metal and pop make for a vibrant mix of the visceral and vertiginous, combining melody and soundscape to startling effect" 
Spencer Grady, Jazzwise 

FLYING MACHINES play emotive and dramatic music, drawing upon influences as diverse as jazz, pop, progressive rock and metal to create an utterly unique and modern sound. 

Formed by guitarist Alex Munk in 2014, FLYING MACHINES features some of the most innovative young musicians to emerge in recent years from the UK jazz scene, Matt Robinson on piano/keyboards, Conor Chaplin on electric bass and Dave Hamblett on drums. Centred on Alex's unique compositional approach, FLYING MACHINES fuse visceral, rock-out guitar improv with anthemic melodies and lusciously textured soundscapes. It's a sound shot through with the here and now of London's cutting-edge music scene, a decadent mash up of free-wheeling improvisations, prog rock energy and ambient meditations that never detracts from the emotive lyricism at the music's core.

1. Tracks
2. Bliss Out
3. As Long as It Lasts
4. Emotional Math Metal
5. First Breath
6. Lighter Than Air
7. Peace Offering
8. Stratosphere
9. A Long Walk Home
Matt Robinson - piano/keyboards
Conor Chaplin - electric bass
Dave Hamblett - drums