Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CD 1 Dave Liebman Group - Expansions Live 2016 WHALING CITY SOUND

Dave Liebman’s group “EXPANSIONS” has been together for several years, definitely enough time to find a direction as a result of five musical personalities working together, touring and recording. 

This live recording captures a band “on the run.” There is no taking back a note or chord when playing live. Perfect it is not, but full of spirit and risk taking it is. The excitement is palpable from the first notes of the fast paced “JJ” penned by Lieb. Especially interesting are versions of songs that appeared on the last two Whaling City Sound recordings “Samsara” and “The Puzzle.”

The differing material and sound of the band between the acoustic and electric discs along with fresh and spontaneous renditions of classic jazz repertoire songs “All Blues” “India” and “Footprints” give the listener a wide palette to delve into... Read more

Acoustic Disk 1

1. Introduction of the Band Members
2. JJ
3. Continues to Ignore
4. All Blues
5. Vendetta
6. Good Bait
7. Selim
8. India