Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Moker - Ladder (2016) el NEGOCITO Records

For fifteen years now Moker is creating adventurous jazz and impro whilst the "hammer" (Moker = Dutch for smithy hammer) stands as a symbol of the creative force of its five musical blacksmiths. With Ghent as their base camp and after four cd productions, now's the time for their fifth album: Ladder !!! 

Ladder incorporates the full spectrum of musical luggage and language which this band managed to collect on its path and it's the result of a working process in which Moker tried, once more, to stay off the beaten tracks... 

The way the music was concipiated, from the recording process to the chosen instrumentarium all resulted in a caleidoscopic, though entirely authentic and characteristic sound, full of references to timeless and inspiring musical heroes. Esthetically their journey passes through all kinds of spaces and sub-genres: 70's psychedelica, jazz, krautrock and afro as well as acoustic songs, minimal music, fanfaresque and electronic scapes. 

15 years of Moker, 15 tracks which are forged into an exotic sound adventure full of fantasy, without restrictions or taboos and with a powerfull, positive and constructive musical vision.

01. As Dark, As Deep... 02:10
02. Joy Collision 02:56
03. Zwengel 05:22
04. Streamin' 02:09
05. Rag Digit 03:32
06. Uthiopia 05:03
07. Time Is on Our Side 02:17
08. Zwaar Metaal 05:15
09. Dikken Beuk 03:04
10. Mind the Gap 02:27
11. Kruidsteen 01:38
12. The Afterbeat / Lesson #1 02:15
13. Skopalli 04:43
14. The Thread 03:53
15. Drunk(en) Monk 04:14

Mathias Van de Wiele - guitars & alto horn
Jordi Grognard - tenor saxophone, clarinets & bansuri
Bart Maris - trumpet & electronics
Lieven Van Pee - basses & electronics
Giovanni Barcella - drums

Recorded at Theatre "Scala", Ghent March 28 – 30th and May 3rd 2016
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Mafi
Mastering Engineer: Üwe Teichert
Executive Production: Rogé
Artwork: Bart Maris & Laurens Teerlinck