Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Johann Gustav Wood Factory - Johann Gustav Wood Factory (2016)

Johann Gustav Wood Factory is a visionary Danish orchestra consisting of 6 young musicians. With an improvisational approach to the music, the orchestra plays with an extreme amount of energy and complete awareness.

The music takes off in a melodic jazz universe but elements from all kinds of genres such as pop-, rock and folk are also influencing the sound. This gives the band the opportunity to hand pick all their favourite things from every shelf and therefore they have several aces on their hands in order to renew the music in all kinds of directions. From the compositions of simple and minimalistic character to a massive wall of sound in others, they keep the melody in the main focus. Based on this, the orchestra has found a unique sound despite a great variety throughout their compositions.

1. Woodery 04:32
2. Strolling 06:14
3. Cream Brulée 05:10
4. Lullabye-bye 04:45
5. Oatts Input 06:21
6. New Day 04:57

Malte Nordtorp - trumpet
Simon Sommer - saxophone
Christian Moosdorf - guitar
Anton Langebæk - bass
Lasse Schjerning - drums