Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dominic J. Marshall & Friends - The Triolithic (2016) CHALLENGE RECORDS

"You can hear, not only in his playing, but also in his composing, little bits of Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, right up there to Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau. You can hear his classical influences - the tricksy mathematical compositions of Bach for example. But he's also definitely inspired by the  rhythms and offbeat textures of hip-hop producers like J Dilla. He brings together a great heritage of the past, but also something very fresh and new, all the within the confines of a simple acoustic piano trio." (Jamie Cullum)

“proud of his influences but never overwhelmed by them: the result is refreshing and innovative.” (Bruce Lindsay – AllAboutJazz)

“not only a piano virtuoso, he also has an impeccable sense of timing, melodic elaboration and musicality.” (Luc van Gaans – HiFi)

“a soloist with a complete mastery of his instrument, as well as an overflowing imagination which creates a musical world both fascinating and surprising” (Mathilde Löffler – Jazzenzo)

“Dominic J Marshall trio has found both its own energy and its own authentic acoustic sound, and is an asset to the European jazz scene.” (Johan Bakker – Nederlands Dagblad)

“Marshall looks to be one for the future” (Selwyn Harris – Jazzwise)

“A musician with an unprecedented level of artistry which is full of influences” (Serge Juilen – Cultuurpodium)

“A prodigious pianist and composer” (Sean Smith – TokyoJazzNotes)

“a new piano star” (Hessel Fluitman – Jazzflits)

“Think J-Dilla or The Roots and you’re probably hitting the mark.” (JJ Wheeler – JazzBreakfast)

01. Devadatta (Intro)  00:50
02. Leaves’ Dance  09:16
03. White Nights  08:26
04. Free Palestine  08:27
05. Elephant Man  08:49
06. Ptah’s Vibration  12:13
07. 80 Campbell Road  10:28
08. Windermere  09:04
09. Family Chronicle  09:01
10. Deku Tree  06:54
11. Fictions  12:53
12. Blue Lotus  12:56

Glenn Gaddum Jr. en Sam Vicary bass

Jamie Peet en Sam Gardner drums

Lars Dietrich alto sax