Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dave Liebman, Steve Swallow, Adam Nussbaum - We 3 (Live) 2016

Although this program is very much played by a trio whose members are of equal importance, Dave Liebman is the first among equals, being the lead voice much of the time. The music is often respectful and more conservative than expected, performed mostly at a quiet volume and with subtle interplay. Only the closing "BTU" gets especially heated and, even there, Liebman's tone is fairly mellow. Liebman (heard on tenor, soprano, and flute), bassist Steve Swallow, and drummer Adam Nussbaum had played together previously in many different settings and their familiarity with each other's improvising styles is apparent for they communicate very well, making even the more spontaneous performances sound a little planned out and logical. This intriguing set is worth several listens.

01. Up Too Late (Live) 10:47
02. Viscous Consistency (Live) 10:10
03. What Time Is It (Live) 8:08
04. Cycling (Live) 13:14
05. Bend over Backwards (Live) 10:18
06. Get out of Town (Live) 8:36
07. Tommy's Hut (Live) 7:43
08. Viscous Consistency No. 2 (Live) 8:35
09. Sure Would Baby (Live) 6:32
10. Bend over Backwards No. 2 (Live) 11:10

Dave Liebman, tenor, soprano sax and flute
Steve Swallow, bass
Adam Nussbaum, drums