Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blameful Isles - Strange But Not Entirely Unattractive (2016) URBAN WAVES RECORDS

Blameful Isles is back with a entirely live recorded instrumental album! This time around we decided to imprint the album on a single limited edition of 100 copies LP vinyl that will only be available while they last! 

Strange But No Entirely Unattractive will transport you once again in Blameful Isles deep inner universe where places and characters are mostly intriguing and unexpected. Like laying on the ground glancing at the sky with an upside down perspective and hearing the noise of a distant city while seeing imagery of your past and future life. 

This time around the young man summoned a couple friends and local musicians to help him record the album live, mostly composed but partly improvised, you'll experience the Blameful Isles take on modern Jazz as never before! Take heat ladies and gentlemen as this is Strange But Not Entirely Unattractive. 

All tracks written and recorded by Blameful Isles

Daniel Israelsson: Synthesizer, Tenor Saxophone, Piano/Electric Piano, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Percussion, Drums 
Joakim Saarenpää: Bass Guitar, Guitar 
Kim Gunneriusson: Drums, Percussion, Guitar 
Evan DeJesus: Melodica, Sounds 

Mastered by Pawcut in Minden, Germany 

Cover Photo: Paulina Laurila /editing: Alex Brade, Daniel Israelsson, Sebastian Midborn 

Published, Manufactured & Distributed by Urban Waves Records

01. Bottle Up, Balthazar
02. Lullaby For Little Krampus
03. Not All There
04. Tipping Point
05. Mountains Of The Moon (Feat. Evan DeJesus)
06. Gestures Of Our Younger Selves
07. Mrs Pomperipossa (Bonus-track)
08. Mutual Tongue
09. Bats In The Belfry (Get The Hell Out)