Thursday, September 1, 2016

CD 4 Mats Gustafsson & Friends - MG 50 Peace & Fire (2016) TROST RECORDS

Disc 4: Percussionist Kjell Nordeson, a collaborator of Gustafsson since both were teenagers living in Umeå town in Northern Sweden, opened the festival with a vibes solo, literally sending good vibes for the festival. His second piece, “Summer with M.” was a variation on a piece that he and Gustafsson played 33 years ago, already stamped with a typical rhythmic intensity. Fellow Swedish tuba master Per-Åke Holmlander followed with the humorist and inventive weird sounding breaths and gurgles on “Fifty is just the beginning…”. 

Agustí Fernández opened the second night with a brilliant, extended solo piano, “MatsMatMaM / MatsAtsTsT”. He played inside the piano, on his strings, on its wooden body, emitting a clever flow of eccentric hammering, resonating and rubbing sounds that were compared by Chaote to “lovers suctioned lips” and “phantom of a fretless bass”. Erwan Keravec intense bagpipes solo, with its continuous torrents of resonating overtones, filled the small room with guttural, primal and archaic energy. 

Kurzmann and Vandermark, half of Made to Break quartet, opened the third night with a beautiful, suggestive soundscape, “Vienna Upstairs”. It is a cinematic piece that balances wisely Kurzmann hyper-realist, alien and urban sounds with Vandermark emotional sax and clarinet playing. Young Swedish sax player Anna Högberg. Member of the Fire! Orchestra, manages to distill Gustafsson's seminal influence on her and her generation in the less than 3-minute happy birthday blessing, “Ha den äran”. A passionate, original and inventive piece, fully committed to keep sharing the fire. 

Gustafsson concludes his notes, after thanking all, with some words of wisdom that he has picked along the years. Somehow these words describe himself, his attitude and aesthetics better than any scholastic attempts to do so. Among these wise sayings are the following ones: "A bird can’t fly on one wing"(Joe McPhee); "One vinyl per day keeps the doctor away" (Olof Madsen, sound engineer and producer) and "Fight y(our) stupidity" (Lennart Nilsson, producer of Nya Perspektiv festival in Västerås, Sweden).

CD4-1 –Kjell Nordeson Miramar
Vibraphone, Percussion – Kjell Nordeson
CD4-2 –Kjell Nordeson Summer With M.
Vibraphone, Percussion – Kjell Nordeson
CD4-3 –Per Åke Holmlander M.G. - Fifty Is Just The Beginning...
Tuba – Per Åke Holmlander
CD4-4 –Agustí Fernandez MatsMatMaM / MatsAtsTsS
Piano – Agustí Fernandez
CD4-5 –Erwan Keravec Urban Pipes
Bagpipes – Erwan Keravec
CD4-6 –Christof Kurzmann, Ken Vandermark Vienna Upstairs
Ppooll – Christof Kurzmann
Reeds – Ken Vandermark
CD4-7 –Anna Högberg Ha Den Äran
Alto Saxophone – Anna Högberg

Art Direction – Lasse Marhaug
Mixed By, Mastered By – Martin Siewert
Mixed By, Producer – Mats Gustafsson
Photography By – Petra Cvelbar, Ziga Koritnik
Producer – Konstantin Drobil
Recorded By – Alexander Kasses (tracks: CD4), Mikael Werliin (tracks: CD1-3)

CD 1 – 3 recorded Oct 26- 28th, 2014 at Porgy and Bess, Vienna by Mikael Werliin
CD 4 recorded Oct 26- 28th, 2014 at „Strenge Kammer“, Porgy and Bess by Alexander Kasses

Mixed 2015 at garnison7, Vienna by Martin Siewert and Mats Gustafsson