Thursday, August 25, 2016

Miles Brown - Middle Game (2016)

The name of Miles Brown's album "Middle Game" refers to chess, one of his other passions besides music. In the middle part of a chess game, the players invoke the spirit of improvisation, creativity within a given set of parameters, shifts in energy and momentum, and aesthetic beauty. He believes that these values inspired the musicians in the creation of this music.

1. A Bishop 7:23
2. Blunder Wonder 9:44
3. Pawn to E5 4:42
4. I'm in Love with the Girl Next Door 6:46
5. Northern Lights 6:21
6. Midwest Arrival 10:11
7. Lullaby of the Fallen Oaks 4:40
8. Fanelli Bread 5:04
9. Fate Plays with Two Queens 2:57
10. Cheese Wicks 5:46

Andrew Bishop, saxophone
Kris Johnson, trumpet
Mike Jellick, piano
Jesse Kramer, drums


Cheese Wicks