Thursday, August 25, 2016

Allen Hinds - Fly South (2016)

L.A.-based Alabama native Allen Hinds releases his long awaited 5th solo CD "Fly South".

Multi layers of slide, acoustic, and ambient guitars support thoughtful, expressive melodies throughout all 10 songs. Once again, Hinds has created cinematic, soulful pallets of music. This time driven by acoustic guitar, and then as a bonus, adds his creative "vocal like" solos on top.

Outstanding performances by Vinnie Coaliuta, Jimmy Johnson, Abe Laboriel and others compliment Hinds' sophisticated unique phrasing and heartfelt compositions. In particular, the interplay between Coaliuta and Hinds, is spectacular. Magical moments sprinkled all through this CD. And you can truly hear Hinds' southern roots.

Daniel Lanois meets Lowell George, meets Jeff Beck, meets Robben Ford, meets Allan Holdsworth - all these influences are heard in Allen Hinds unique style as guitarist and composer.

If you like lush guitar tone, expressive unexpected phrases, dynamic performances, interesting chord changes with memorable melodies, all with absolutely no trace of "smooth jazz", ....then you will love "Fly South"

Allen has also released another album simultaneously with his trio “Wonderland Park”, entitled “Just Get In” (available here) which is a great contrasting compliment to “Fly South”. A stripped down trio, it features simple rootsy compositions that expand into brilliant solo sections – an album of energetic playing and improvisation. Together the two CDs are a strong portrait of a great guitarist.

1. Springs Eternal (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Abe Laboriel) 6:20
2. Buckley (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson) 5:15
3. Joni (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde, Jimmy Johnson & Rogerio Jardim) 4:18
4. Yonder Hills (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson) 4:58
5. Heartfell (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Rohde & Genevieve Artadi) 2:55
6. Little White Lies (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Jimmy Johnson) 4:45
7. Boo's Folly (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Jimmy Earl) 4:14
8. Old Mill Pond (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Abe Laboriel) 4:02
9. June 15th (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Maxayn Lewis) 3:20
10. Blues for Ok Tarpley (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Abe Laboriel) 6:23

Allen Hinds (guitar)
Vinnie Coaliuta (drums)
Jimmy Earl, Jimmy Johnson, Abe Laboriel (bass)
Matt Rohde (keys)
Maxayn Lewis (vocals)
Genevieve Artadi (vocals)


Springs Eternal