Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucien Dubuis / Barry Guy / Alfred Vogel - Heavy Metal Rabbit (2016)

Black is the colour of the rabbit that is being chased across the field. Nimbly, swiftly and rapidly is he changing his directions, steered by a navigation system that is musically fed by three individualistic musicians who, according to themselves, have finally found each other. Lucien Dubuis and Barry Guy have crossed their paths years ago and already back then realized that there was a special spark. It must have been the 10 hour drive from Poland to Vorarlberg, the most western part of Austria, in November 2014 that led to the brilliant idea to form a band. For some time now, Dubuis and Vogel share an extremely fertile playing field (HANG EM HIGH as Duo FREIWILD) where they, according to their message, find themselves like two brothers in spirit. Hence the pleasure of supplementing the team with the legendary men of low tones, Barry Guy is even bigger. 

Already from the first note we could sense that certain something, a special Swing & Groove, states a very enthusiastic Vogel and by listening to their debut feature HEAVY METAL RABBIT (Boomslang Records, Feb 2016) you can downright hear their joy of playing. Yet this album shows to be strikingly structured despite all its freestyle components. Poetic and excessive can this piece of music be characterized and from time to time a very unconventional and headstrong humour stands out. Rumour has it, that Barry Guy has seen a METAL RABBIT hopping across him on his way to the studio. The word HEAVY came as the logical outcome. But apparently no rodent has been harmed - in fact, quite the contrary: this band is as vitalizing as a 100 meter sprint across a field of carrots.

Lucien Dubuis, bass clarinet 
Barry Guy, upright bass 
Alfred Vogel, drums & octopad

1. Wahu Guru (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 6:36
2. Urug Uhaw (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 9:05
3. Dorimu (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 8:42
4. Breath (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 7:41
5. Singh Kari Sun Gobi (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 3:48
6. Ibog Nus Irak Hgnis (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 6:25
7. Human Form (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 3:16
8. Palo (feat. Barry Guy & Alfred Vogel) 5:35