Friday, April 22, 2016

Tea Time - Daniele D'Agaro Massimo De Mattia Giovanni Maier (2016)

Rudi Records New Realease
TEA TIME - RRJ1030 2016

Tea Time
Daniele D'Agaro
Massimo De Mattia
Giovanni Maier
Format CD
Cat No. RRJ1030 Barcode 8058456240336

Daniele D'Agaro (clarinet) Massimo De Mattia (flutes) Giovanni Maier (double bass). A trio consisting of some of the best Italian jazz improvisers caught in the middle of an intense three ways dialogue. A wide sound palette coming from the beautiful and peculiar combination of reeds flute and bass. Three expert musicians generating a great flow of music based on the balance of various shapes and densities. From quiet open zones through rather dense conversations. Creative Music at its best. Read More...

01. Mint (2:08)
02. Hip Rose (2:09)
03. Mango (5:45)
04. Sanddom (4:40)
05. Rooibos (7:18)
06. Cinnamon (4:35)
07. Licorice (4:20)
08. Ginger * (0:37)
09. Sage (6:44)
10. Blackcurrant ** (0:41)
11. Lemon *** (2:44)
12. Pomegranate (2:44)

Line Up 
Daniele D'Agaro, clarinet
Massimo De Mattia, flutes
Giovanni Maier, doublebass

Recording Information
All compositions by D’Agaro, De Mattia, Maier except * by Maier, ** by D’Agaro and *** by De Mattia
Recorded on February 13th 2016, by Massimo De Mattia, Udine
Mastered February 2016, by Giovanni Maier
Photo credit: Luca d’Agostino © Phocus Agency 
Art by Ale Sordi


Rudi Records is an indipendent record label. The main musical focus is improvised music like jazz, creative music, experimental, but also some original projects characterized by a strong musical authenticity. Read More...

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