Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stefan Goranov Quartet - Birdwatch (Music of Charlie Parker) 2016

The concept behind this project appeared in my mind five years ago and it slowly evolved from a vague idea to what you have now in front of you. It may sound as a cliche but it really is very difficult to point out all the people that have been nice to me and made this album possible. If I start listing them name by name it would be a long list and I will for sure skip someone cause I believe that we all learn from everything and everyone. I would point out only my parents as the people who always trusted my decisions and believed in me...

Released March 11, 2016 

1. Anthropology 07:33
2. Quasimodo 06:18
3. Interlude 1 01:03
4. Ah Leu Cha 08:56
5. Yardbird Suite 08:52
6. Interlude 2 01:05
7. My Little Suede Shoes 05:19
8. Billie's Bounce 09:44

Nacho de Frutos - guitar 
Jorge Castaneda - piano 
Dario Guibert - bass 
Stefan Goranov - drums and arrangements

June Koo - guitar - forever in the band although not on the record :)

Recorded on the 19th of December 2015 by Todd Carder at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NYC 
Mixed on the 18th of January 2016 by John Davis at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NYC 
Mastered by Alex de Turk