Friday, April 1, 2016

Nick Fraser - Starer (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Toronto Jazz
Genre: Free Jazz

In this exciting, two-night presentation (May 4 and 5), Nick Fraser celebrates the release of two CDs: Too Many Continents with the Nick Fraser Trio, and Starer with the Nick Fraser Quartet.
For his Quartet, Nick is joined by New York-based saxophonist Tony Malaby, Andrew Downing on cello and Rob Clutton on bass; his Trio features Mr. Malaby and New York-based pianist Kris Davis - two of the world’s best in the field of avant garde jazz. While the music of both the Nick Fraser Quartet and Trio is largely based in the tradition of “free" jazz, it also draws from the entire tradition of jazz and from the musicians' diverse experiences in improvised music, world music, folk, and notated music.
The Nick Fraser Quartet has been together since 2012, recording two albums (Towns and Villages and the forthcoming Starer), and touring in Canada and the United States. The Nick Fraser Trio is a newer group featuring compositions by the leader and improvised pieces by the trio; they released their debut, Too Many Continents on the Portuguese Clean Feed Records label in 2015.

Nick Fraser has been an active and engaging presence in the Toronto new jazz and improvised music community for over twenty years. He has performed with a veritable "who's who" of Canadian jazz and improvised music and with such international artists as Tony Malaby, Donny McCaslin, Marilyn Crispell, Anthony Braxton and David Binney. Nick's recorded works as a leader include Owls in Daylight (1997) and Nick Fraser and Justin Haynes are faking it (2004), Towns and Villages (2013) and Too Many Continents (2015). For ten years, he co-led the group Drumheller, who released four critically acclaimed recordings. Other projects that occupy Nick regularly are Peripheral Vision, the Ugly Beauties (with Marilyn Lerner and Matt Brubeck), and the Lina Allemano Four. "Fraser not so much plays the drums as hurls himself whole body and soul against skin and metal... truly talented." -Bill Stunt, CBC Radio.

1. minimalism/416-538-7149 04:59
2. Sketch #26 01:53
3. Starer 04:34
4. Sketch #29 04:37
5. Jupiter (Sketch #15) 04:45
6. Sketch #20/22 10:28
7. Sketch #21 05:17

Nick Fraser: drums, composition
Tony Malaby: saxophones
Andrew Downing: cello
Rob Clutton: double bass