Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Giovanni Perin 6et - #pera (2016)

Label: Self Released

BRECKER’S TUNE: this piece is a tribute to saxophonist Michael Brecker and his energetic music.

LOST IN A VIOLET SKY: imagine sunset colors, when the last warm rays of the sun paint the clouds violet.

CONVERSATION WITH DAVE: it was summer and my teacher, David Friedman, was on tour in Italy and came to see me in Padua. After having lunch together, we started to play and I played some chords I was working on for him. This odd blues is the result of that exchange of ideas and recalls that pleasant afternoon.

REBUILT: I composed this ballad during a period of reflection about the future, a moment in which I had to retake control of my life. Rebuilding implies having the strength to detach oneself from the past, start all over again and find the germ of life inside oneself once again.

STAR EYES: this particular arrangement has been locked up in a drawer for many years. I had already tried to record it on my first album, but probably it wasn’t the ripe at the time and I decided not to include it. However, this time I am really satisfied with the result.

DARN THAT DREAM: those of you who know me, also know that I like to play with different styles and to give a brand new color to pieces belonging to the American songbook. In this case, I have only maintained the original notes of the melody, turning both harmony and rhythm upside down. I hope you like this new version.

A SUNNY DAY IN BERLIN TOWN: it was April and the warm spring sun appeared after a long, freezing winter. Even if there were still spots of snow along the streets, I really wanted to be outdoors, so I took my bike and I cycled through the park with a jingle echoing in my head.

SONG FOR BILL: I owe the main part of my harmonic knowledge and of my way of playing vibes to pianist Bill Evans, an artist I will never stop listening to, who made me understand the profound beauty of jazz music.

BRAZILIAN NIGHT: I have been dreaming of going to Brazil for many years, because I like Brazilian people’s human potential, energy and wide musical culture. This piece is a tribute to this faraway land, where I will get sooner or later.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Cli, for always believing in me and for her constant and real help during the creation of this album. I really don’t know what would I do without her!
Thank you to all my family, who has always supported and encouraged me throughout this adventure. Thank you to my friends, both the close and distant ones, for making me become what I am.
I dedicate this album to my mom.