Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carrera Quinta - Carrera Quinta Big Band (2016)

Carrera Quinta, created by colombian composers Javier Pérez Sandoval and Francy Montalvo, presents its new record: Carrera Quinta Big Band. In 2015 Carrera Quinta decided to come back to the studio and record a new album with a Big Band. Conducted by Colombian Director Ricardo Jaramillo and Recorded by the Latin Grammy award winner engineer Mauricio Cano, the 19 piece Band went to the studio and recorded something unique and special in Colombian music history.

The album features compositions awarded in 2013 by Bogotá´s department of Arts, Idartes, and one piece commissioned by Bogotá´s Jazz Festival, Jazz al Parque, in 2014. The band style blends Colombian traditional music from the Andean region with Jazz arranging techniques, creating a new sound, something unique, intense and powerful. The album was financed with a crowdfunding campaign. The mixing was made in Bogota, Colombia and the mastering in sterling Sound Studios in NYC by Randy Merrill. Recently Randy has worked in recordings like Darcy James´s Secret society Big Band, Miguel Zenon´s last Big Band Album, Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, the Cohen Brothers, among others.

Most of the music featured on the album was composed between 2012 and 2013 in Louisville, KY, where Javier Pérez Sandoval studied his masters degree in Jazz Composition with Big Band arranging legend John La Barbera.

Javier Perez-Sandoval: guitar
Francy Montalvo: piano
Pedro Acosta: drums
Daniel Montoya: electric bass
Cesar Medina: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Ricardo Jaramillo: director/conductor
Dario Montoya: flute
Rafael Sandoval: alto saxophone
William Rojas: tenor saxophone
Julio Panadero: tenor saxophone
Adalber Gavira: baritone saxophone
Carlos Acosta: trumpet
Fernando Pena: trumpet
Pavel Zuzaeta: trumpet
Orlando Barreda Batanga: trumpet
Cristhian Hernandez: trombone
Diego Gomez: trombone
Andres Guzman: trombone
Mauricio Patino: trombone

Take A Deep Breath
No Voy A Querdarme
Little Step
Elegia de un Sentimiento
Modal Step
Rio Cali
El Intensos