Monday, April 18, 2016

Ayumi Tanaka Trio - Memento (2016)


«Memento» is Ayumi Tanaka Trio’s debut album, and a solid statement from the japanese born composer, pianist and band leader. Together with two highly acclaimed norwegian musicians: up and coming Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass and grammy-winning Per Oddvar Johansen on drums, the trio thoroughly explores their unique musical universe thoughout an album that challenges the traditional piano trio format.

Ayumi Tanaka has developed her unique musical persona by drawing from ideas and inspiration found in japanese art, music and philosophy. By carefully examining these influences and then combining them with a strong fascination of nordic jazz, she delivers a very complex and unique statement as a pianist. 

The music can be described as free, atmospheric, and melodic with compositions that are mainly based on individual ideas and segments intertwined with free collective improvisation. The compositions are dedicated to Svendsen and Johansen, intentionally leaving a lot of space in order to make use of their strong musicality and creativity.

«Memento» is an album that slowly unfolds itself, that never lacks direction or intent, and that develops beautifully by spontaneous interaction between three strong willed, but selfless musicians.

"A new and refreshing, original voice has arrived on the norwegian jazz scene" - Terje Mosnes / Jazz i Norge (NO)

"One of the most fascinating and freshest piano-trio albums I have heard since I started to write about »Nordic Music«. What a delight!"  - Ingo J. Biermann / Nordische Musikk (DE) 

1. When We Were There (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
2. Opened Eyes (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
3. Tokoyo (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
4. Flowers In The Dust (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
5. Cymbals (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
6. Red Thoughts (Composed By – Ayumi Tanaka)
7. Kiirohige (Composed By – Christian Meaas Svendsen)

Ayumi Tanaka, piano
Christian Meaas Svendsen, bass
Per Oddvar Johansen, drums