Friday, April 29, 2016

ART the Band - Boost Unavailable (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: ART The Band
Genre: Intellectual Groovecore

ART is the feeling of your truest lover stroking your neck. ART is the tightness in your throat when your dog died. ART is the 6 hours of pure joy you spent laying in the grass on your first mushroom trip. ART is Everything You've Ever Listened To. 
ART would like to thank Emily and Kieran for hooking it up big, Andrew Mullin for showing us the way, Placebo Space for setting a beautiful mood, Geoff Young for your constant mystification and suggestion, and Ronald Poon for believing in us.

1. Tokyo Sexwale 03:52
2. Connor Made Housecake 01:51
3. Boost Unavailable 09:32
4. Dinosaur Factor 01:01
5. Piri Piri Regrets 06:08
6. 1277 or 1791.4 or 1585.0 01:09
7. Rhythmic A.C. 04:40
8. Biosphere 04:01

Nick Marshall - Trombone
Stuart Brignell - Sax
David Maclean - Bass
Austin Gembora - Drums
Sean Clarey - Guitar