Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Watershed - Inhale / Exhale (2015)

Label: Shed Music
Source: The Watershed

Pierre Perchaud had the initial idea - form a group with friends who share a love of the Beatles, have firm roots in jazz and have a penchant for adventure. The first meeting was decisive and a band was born.

One rule was set from the beginning: No finished songs allowed! However, melodic fragments scratched onto scrap paper; a partial bass line captured on a cell phone and short guitar loops were welcome! And then, as is common practice with many rock bands, the music found itself by stretching the ideas, as a group, until only the essential remained.

Literally, a watershed is a turning point - a moment when everything changes and, for these four musicians, key players in a new generation of jazz in France, this band has a brand new feeling. It is a band in which everyone plays an equal role of leader and sideman. Their debut CD “Inhale/Exhale” breathes in four individual lives of concerts, rehearsals and late night listening sessions and breathes out music that challenges definition and was created in a state of bliss.

The Watershed’s combined resumé is as impressive as it is diverse having performed with musicians including Michel Legrand; Carla Bley; Orchestre National de Jazz; Brad Mehldau; Lee Konitz; Lionel Loueke; Vincent Peirani; Milk Coffee & Sugar; Kurt Rosenwinkel; Fredrika Stahl; Mark Turner; Randy Brecker and Steve Lehman. Individually they have toured all over the world and have played in pretty much every possible venue in France. In 2015 they founded the label Shed Music to house their individual and collective projects.

1. Watershred
2. Diana
3. Peter Hot Father...
4. Pas De Deux
5. Inhale_Exhale
6. Dark Water
7. Bright Sun
8. HKJ
9. Trickle-Down
10. Fat Burn
11. Running Water...
12. Vermilion Sky

Pierre Perchaud : guitar
Christophe Panzani : tenor sax, bass clarinet
Tony Paeleman : keyboards
Karl Jannuska : drums