Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sputnik - Parallax Vol. I (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Sputnik 
Genre: Jazz-fusion

Sputnik is a fusion jazz project which brings the talents of Leigh Fischer (Bass), Doug Northcott (Drums), Barry G. Player (Guitar), and Tristan Rivers (Guitar) together to create sounds that, though often out of this world, are always highly inventive and very fun to listen to.

Upon the release of its debut album "Space Junk" in 2012 Sputnik would find a strong voice that borrows from the Jazz world but is rooted heavily in funk and fusion. The band takes songs such as Billy Cobham's Red Barron, or Herbie Hancock's Watermelon man and plays them with passion and intensity while remaining honest and paying homage to the originals. On the flip side they can also take tunes like Stratus, and The Theme from fletch and send them spinning into sonic cascades that will leaving you reeling for more.

The band is also focused on creating a repertoire of original pieces that really showcase the talent level of these Winnipeg artists. While creating music that creates a very pleasing aura for the audience is key, they clearly also strive to push themselves as players. As amazing to watch in a small club or bistro as on a large stage, Sputnik puts on a show that simply must be seen!

Sputnik's new album, Parallax Vol. I, is comprised of all original material and set to be released Jan 09, 2016.

1. Atomic Biscuit 07:42
2. Milky Way 04:17
3. Flat Earth 00:54
4. Rooftop Garden 04:53
5. Extra Terrestrial Technology 08:02
6. Dark Matter 01:28
7. Critical Mass 08:11
8. Mars Atlas 08:05

Barry G. Player - guitar
Tristan Rivers - guitar
Leigh Fischer - bass
Doug Northcott - drums