Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Malson - Bzzz (2016)

Label: Sintoma Records
Source: Malson

This story begins with a she-weasel saving and suckling three twin brothers abandoned at the edge
of a city in the South.
The four of them spoke different languages.
Very soon they developed a dialogue system based on deep, visceral sounds produced out of heavy,
rusty pipes and rhythms performed on high voltage wires and forsaken industrial silos.
“It is the daily rite of breaching the darkness of the routine with the shiniest of the blades:
creativity” said once the weasel during a press conference, in Portuguese, “it is the shaker of the
finest cocktails like dreams and nightmares”.
“Creativity” is the key-word to walk in and out the music of Malson, whose roots dig deep in a
hundred years of jazz history to provide sap to the new-colored, exploding buds.
With a symmetrical feeling of sound, two dark tenor saxophone voices melt in unison, interlace
melodies and state shapes of harmonic intervals, in the complete freedom allowed by the solid
sustain of the groovy, actively interacting doublebass&drums rhythm section.
It's a game for four players only, whose musical discourse constantly moves in space visiting from
fields of detailed composition to seas of freely improvised music.

1. Bolo Do Caco
2. Entropia
3. The Old Rusty Machine
4. Agost 3r 1a
5.  Einekleinenfuggen
6. Blue Echoes
7. Migranya
8. Ostia
9. Intentat Ser Famos
10. Tenor Cocek

Albert Cirera – Tenor and soprano sax
Federico Pascucci – Tenor sax
André Rosinha – Doublebass
Vasco Furtado – Drums