Monday, January 25, 2016

Fredrik Ljungkvist Yun Kan 12345 (2004)

The Swedish jazz group Yun Kan 5 was formed in Stockholm in 2003 by the composer, saxophone- and clarinetplayer Fredrik Ljungkvist. The group emerged from Yun Kan 3, which included the musicians Mattias Welin on doublebass and Jon Fält on drums. Later on, Yun Kan 3 was added by the musicians Klas Nevrin on piano and zither and Per-Åker Holmlander on tuba. They literally had their first encounter in the studio for four days in december 2003 when they recorded the debut album ”Yun Kan 12345”, which was released in march 2004 by the Swedish record label Caprice. The band made a ”Jazz in Sweden 2004”-tour (from the prestigeous Swedish Jazz Award) in October and November -04 and it also included concerts in Kongsberg (Norway), London, Beijing and Shanghai. In the year 2005 they toured in Slovenia and France. In april 2005 Yun Kan 5 were choosen as the ”Jazz group of the year” by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and Fredrik Ljungkvist was awarded the prize ”Jazz musician of the year”. In may 2006 they recorded their second album ”Badaling”. The record included 8 new compositions of Fredrik Ljungkvist and was released in 2007. Fredrik can also be heard in the successful and worldwide known Norwegian/Swedish group Atomic. The other members in Yun Kan 5 are also working with groups as: Bobo Stenson trio (Fält), Ken Vandermarks Territory Band (Ljungkvist, Holmlander), Peter Brötzmann Tentet, Barry Guy Orchestra(Holmlander). Fredrik Ljungkvist has been touring in Canada four times with various constellations, Atomic and Per ”Texas” Johansson are a few of them. The audience as well as the critics received his compositions and his performance with great enthusiasm. 

”Ljungkvist is one of the best kept secrets of the European continent..” All about Jazz

”...he explores the richness of his horn with an endless flow of ideas”

"Ljungkvist is capable of eyebrow scorching intensity as well as that trademark Nordic introspection...he's never in danger of the misty eyed sentimalism that sometimes dogs the genre." BBC, Jazzreview

”The Swedish alto and tenor man is a special case as well. A switch hitter from outside to inside jazz and back again, he initially helped organize Atomic as a reaction against so-called mountain jazz, associated with the ECM school which characterized most Scandinavian improvising in the 1970s and 1980s. He too has freer associations with Gustafsson, French guitarist Marc Ducret and even went to Chicago to play with Ken Vandermark's Territory Band in 2001.”

01 King Kolax 6:59
02 Jag Vet Inte 5:37
03 Sunburst 7:02
04 Eddie A. 5:13
05 Västgötaklimax 5:24
06 Birger 7:16
07 Ballad För Eva 7:06
08 Abraxas 6:50
09 Rumi 6:50
10 Man About Town 3:00

Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet – Fredrik Ljungkvist
Tuba – Per-Åke Holmlander
Piano, Zither – Klas Nevrin
Double Bass – Mattias Welin
Drums – Jon Fält

Recorded and mixed at Atlantis Studio December 2003
Label: Caprice Records [CAP 21690] CD, Sweden 2004
Series: Jazz I Sverige
Producer: Per "Texas" Johansson
Genre: Jazz, Contemporary Jazz