Monday, January 25, 2016

Chico Freeman & Heiri Känzig - The Arrival (2015)

A magic duo: Chico Freeman, 65, saxophonist, clarinettist, flute player, composer from Chicago, an eminent improvisor and Heiri Känzig, 58, born in New York, the Swiss double bass virtuoso. A transatlantic dialogue between one of America’s most versatile saxophonists and one of Europe’s most ‘all-round’ bass players.

Freeman and Känzig share that passion for the centre of gravity of the Jazz tradition, albeit with one precondition: that of transformation. And, with all their abilities for strong, heavy grooves, there is that preference for me-lody. „If you groove like hell and there’s no melody, it makes no sense.” (Känzig).

Peter Rüedi writes in the liner notes to The Arrival: „We could also read ‘The Arrival’ as something of an arrival at the centre of Jazz: Jazz, in the present tense. Or as it were: tradition in transition.

Chico Freeman: Tenor Saxophone
Heiri Känzig: Double Bass

1. One for Eddie Who 2 (Heiri Känzig) 3:51
2. Early Snow (Heiri Känzig) 3:46
3. The Essence of Silence (Chico Freeman) 6:22
4. Ancient Dancer (Chico Freeman) 4:56
5. Will I See You in the Morning (Chico Freeman) 7:28
6. Dat Dere (Bobby Timmons) 4:31
7. Song For the sun (Chico Freeman – Heiri Känzig) 5:45
8. Just play (Chico Freeman – H eiri Känzig) 3:43
9. Eye of the Fly (Heiri Känzig) 5:43
10. After the Rain (John Coltrane) 4:07
11. To Hear a Teardrop In the Rain (Chico Freeman) 4:32
12. Chamber’s Room (Heiri Känzig) 5:41