Saturday, December 1, 2018

Joe Locke - Subtle Disguise (2018)

“For me, this album is the fruition of a long journey of self-discovery as an artist, where I no longer see the different aspects of my musical personality as separate or at odds with one another. I have discovered my own lingua franca, connecting the seemingly disparate styles I enjoy playing,” 
– Joe Locke

Jim Ridl – piano, fender rhodes, synths
Lorin Cohen – acoustic and electric basses
Samvel Sarkisyan – drums and cymbals

Raul Midón – voice, guitar
Adam Rogers – guitar
David Binney – alto sax
Alina Engibaryan – voice

1. Red Cloud 07:38
2. Who Killed Davey Moore? 06:24
3. Subtle Disguise 09:16
4. Make Me Feel Like It's Raining 09:07
5. Rogues Of America 09:21
6. Motherless Children 08:08
7. Safe And Sound (At The Edge Of The Milky Way) 07:32
8. Blondie Roundabout 07:16
9. A Little More Each Day 03:51