Friday, August 3, 2018

Shay Hazan Quintet - Domesitc Peace (OutNow Recordings 2018)

The full album contains five lengthy pieces.

Upon looking outside a window one occasionally wonders what will happen next? We can assume, based on what we have seen our whole lives, that we cannot really know what will come next, will there be a surprise? or will the universe continue as is.. And, so goes the music this unit plays. They continuously try to subtly surprise, not to shock. They succeed in speaking from far away while standing steady on the common ground we all share. 

Tel Aviv based bassist and composer, Shay Hazan (born 89') is currently part of the well acclaimed Bones Trio and of local saxophonists Albert Beger's quartet and trio. Domestic Peace (ONR033) is Hazan's first album as a leader.