Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Chabuco - Encuentro (SONY MUSIC 2018)

Singer-songwriter Chabuco, preceded by a long and respected career in his native Colombia, released his fourth solo album titled Encuentro worldwide. The album, his first under the record label of Sony Music, is available digitally through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Lola Music, Light Music and Napster.

Chabuco, who has always been passionate about vallenato culture and Colombian folklore that runs through his veins thanks to his father, the great guitarist Hugues Martinez, has distinguished himself by interpreting Vallenato music in his own style. He adds a 'twist' to all his musical projects and is known for mixing local sounds with jazz, flamenco, samba, bolero and even ranchera music, resulting in a beautiful and unique sound of Latin Jazz. With Encuentro, Chabuco fuses the sounds of folk music from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, with jazz and bossa nova. 

The album was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil and produced by the famous Brazilian musician, musical composer and producer, Swami Jr. (Omara Portuondo, Chico César), who helped bring together the best Latin American musicians to create this incredible record. In addition to a song featuring a duet with incomparable Alejandro Sanz (Ausencia), the album includes collaborations by renowned Dominican singer-songwriter, Vicente García (in the song Margarita); the famous Brazilian pianist Zé Godoy; the renowned Puerto Rican percussionist Richie Flores (who has recorded with Tito Puente and Celia Cruz among many others); music composer and instrumentalist Milton Mori; percussionist Douglas Alonso; and bassist Marcelo Mariano (Djavan). 

“I am extraordinarily grateful and thankful that the energy and work that I’ve put into the album has been received so positively by fans worldwide. I feel great satisfaction that I was able to make this album a reality with such honesty that came from the deepest place in my heart”. - states Chabuco.

Chabuco is an innate talent, who grew up in the Colombian coast in an environment surrounded by art, musicians, painters and composers. With his ability to play guitar, accordion and percussion as well as his extraordinary and original voice, Chabuco entered the musical world for the first time as one of the four members of the group "Los Pelaos" (1998-2000). This group made several international tours visiting countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, United States and Mexico. After the group parted ways, Chabuco began his solo career. His albums Morirme de Amor (featuring legendary Cuban artist Alfredo Nodarse), Nació Mi Poesía (a collaborative album with Nicolas de los Rios), Clásicos Café La Bolsa and De Ida y Vuelta are a musical journey of many different genres. Several outstanding musicians participated in this last album mentioned including Kike Purizaga, Diego Valdez, Carlos Huertas, Horacio ‘El negro Hernández’' and Israel Suárez 'Piranha'. The album revolutionized the way an album was released in Colombia being distribution through the daily printed newspaper El Tiempo. Chabuco sold over half a million copies of his album, something never done before by any artist in the country. 

Chabuco had the honor of participating in the documentary La guitarra vuela (2016), which follows the 9-country tour of the last guitar made for the late Spanish musical genius Paco de Lucia. He’s performed in major international venues including the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico, the Sala Berlanga in Madrid and the House of Blues in Stockholm, Sweden; besides having collaborated with top international artists such as Alejandro Sanz (he participated in his album Sirope), Juanes, Fonseca, Rosana, the Brothers Carmona, Magos & Limon, Daniel Baute, Sole Giménez, Diego El Cigala, Mojito Lite and Rosario Flores among many others.

1  Amor Comprado 03:14
2  Besito de Agua 03:51
3  Margarita 03:56
4  La Casa en El Aire 02:44
5  Mi Samba 02:56
6  Ausencia 04:03
7  Amor Sensible 03:11
8  Muñeca de Porcelana 02:37
9  El Cantor de Fonseca 03:14
10 El Almirante Padilla