Thursday, July 12, 2018

Philippe Petit Trio - A Beautiful Friendship (2018)

This album, “A Beautiful Friendship” is, as its name suggests, the result of over 30 years of comradery, both professional and personal. These three exceptional musicians have crossed musical paths is so many different contexts it’s impossible to describe them all. From private parties in improbable venues, to prestigious festivals stages, accompanying a plethora of headliners, the variety of situations and conditions in which they have found themselves has nurtured an inevitable complicity which infuses their music. Their professionalism has always been accompanied by playful banter and jokes, the trio never really taking themselves seriously enough to consider recording an album… until recently! 

In 2014, drummer Eric Dervieu suggested they shout themselves to a studio session… just to have a souvenir. On hearing the raw takes, peers encouraged them to finish the project completely, by releasing an album. Thus, for your listening pleasure the album “A Beautiful Friendship” is now available.

1. A Beautiful Friendship 5:42
2. The Skies Will Clear 5:49
3. Tin Tin Deo 8:43
4. Nuit noire 5:10
5. Elle habite au 21 3:47
6. Later 6:26
7. Calimero's Song 4:43
8. Little One 5:48
9. N'Gor 7:21
10. Come Rain or Come Shine 5:36

Pierre Maingourd – Double Bass
Eric Dervieu - Drums

Recorded by Patrick Chesnais at Studio Aéronef and mixed by “Magic” Vincent Bruley at Studio Picolo (Paris).
CD Artwork - Didier Vaudron
Photographs – Lionel Baunot