Sunday, June 17, 2018

Simon Nabatov - For All The Marbles (2018)

The second installment of the „Oldies but…“ series, this recording documents my first attempt to form my own band in the classical trio format. 

Fresh arrival in Germany, I was soon approached by a small label, interested to record my music. I wrote a bunch of tunes, half of which formed a suite of sorts, heard on this album.

The rest became a solo CD for the same label, called „Locomotive“. The label disappeared as quickly as it was founded, but the music remained…

1. Enter, Then Knock 00:46
2. For All The Marbles 07:32
3. A - B Tune 06:49
4. The Arch 13:01
5. Phobia 06:10
6. Just Watching TV 07:54
7. Something's Up 01:33
8. Idée fixe 08:21
9. Transaction 08:02
10. All's Well That Ends... 00:58

Simon Nabatov - piano 
Mark Helias - bass 
Barry Altschul - drums

Recorded March 27/28 1990 
at Studio Cornet, Cologne 
Sound engineer: Thomas Kern 
Mastering by Olaf Kobbe