Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Serendipity Quintet - The Serendipity Quintet (June 8, 2018)

Featuring musicians from Wellington’s vibrant music scene, this quintet makes spacious jazz of the cool school. 

The Quintet grew out of a musical relationship begun between Mike Duffy (Bass) and Jeremy Desmond (Guitar) in late 2010. They played as a Duo doing jazz standards as a side project to their tenure in local Wellington Reggae stalwarts Newtown Rocksteady. This duo held a monthly residency at Baobab cafe for close to 3 years in this configuration. Jeremy and Mike are the principle writers of the Quintet.

The Quintet adds some exciting up and coming players from Wellingtons notoriously cross pollinated music scene

Ben Lemi needs no introduction, as a drummer, bassist, guitarist, arranger, songwriter, audio engineer and producer his creative touch has left its mark on Projects ranging across genres and continents including Trinity Roots, Newtown Rocksteady, French for Rabbits, Hikoikoi, Khufu’s Ethiopics, Dawn Diver, Courtesy Caller, Ariana Tikao, and many others 

Garam Jung is a fantastic young tenor saxophone talent with excellent jazz sensibilities. He can be found as a member of the Wellington Mingus Ensemble, Clube de Choro, The Organic Trio, and out and about with Ras Judah and the Culture Embassy 

The Quintet is rounded out with the inclusion of James Guilford Smith who is one of Wellington’s hottest young brass talents. He can be found playing trumpet with the RNZAF Jazz orchestra, Cumbia Bros, Raw Collective, Superbad soul section, Ras Judah and Culture Embassy amongst many others. 

As diverse as this line-up is the common thread that binds them all together is the respect for jazz as a living culture. They are all alumni of the New Zealand School of Music Jazz Performance programme. 

The Album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary Surgery Studios, Newtown, Wellington by Ben Lemi. 

1. Plumbing Day 12:58
2. Reciprocity 05:58
3. Vinaigrette 06:43
4. Untitled (Serendipity) 05:49
5. Farewell To The Electric Wizard 05:49

James Guilford-Smith - Trumpet
Garam Jung - Tenor Sax
Jeremy Desmond - Guitar
Michael Duffy - Double Bass
Ben Lemi - Drums

All songs by Michael Duffy, except Untitled (Serendipity) written by Michael Duffy & Jeremy Desmond

Recorded @ Surgery Studios by Ben Lemi, mixed and mastered Ben Lemi 2017