Friday, June 22, 2018

Roz Harding - Supermood (June 22, 2018)

Welcome to the Supermood. This is the first studio recording of these compositions and improvisations. It’s a great thrill to be sharing them. Many of these tracks are the one and only take, capturing three musicians on three days and retaining the live element that is vital to this music. You will also hear some studio surprises entwined within this live approach. Multiple microphones were set up to follow movement, I hope you feel like you are with us. I enjoy writing set lists - it shapes the music for the individual gig and supports the way I feel like delivering the music that day. The opportunity to release as digital download, CD and vinyl has allowed me to present these compositions as two different sets. The vinyl has the music organised into Breathe In and Breathe Out and the CD/digital download as a non-stop narrative of life inside the Supermood.


SUPERMOOD are a band playing modern music rooted in jazz. Compositions by Roz Harding, band sound by everyone. Since emerging in 2013 SUPERMOOD have defined a captivating live sound ("Adventurous and moving" - Deirdre Cartwright). Their music descibed as "fresh and imaginative" (Martin King - Smiths Academy Informer) is fuelled by improvisation, dramatic rhythms, movement and breath, raw textures and introspective melodies. Influences for Roz's music include Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Frederick Alexander and his technique, Art Pepper, Jeff Buckley, Prince, Nick Drake, Manic Street Preachers and Jackie McLean. Wherever possible SUPERMOOD gigs are delivered under cover of the SUPERMOOD handmade light show, a visual experience drawn from 1960s liquid light show techniques. 

"What really impresses is the way the group works together as a single entity with a common musical purpose, a focus on the material itself. Roz's tunes, such as Fifty-two fifty, If you could, Sun wish and Yesterday I was on time, have many angular rhythmic and harmonic moments but remain accessible to listeners. The transition from composed to improvised sections was often seamless and the whole thing sounded very fresh and imaginative, free from the bebop clichés and Trane-isms which - liberating though they are - can actually straightjacket many a fine player. The Vortex jazz crowd loved it and their appearance here was an unqualified success. Their future looks exciting." - Martin King - Smiths Academy Informer

"Roz Harding can appear a reluctant leader compared to other saxophonists fronting their bands, but with this project she has a forum for her metier. What happens is that rather than make extended solo statements - with underlying support - she offers conversational fragments for the others to respond to; in turn her solo is shaped by the resulting fabric of sounds. Few saxophonists comes to mind as such truly dialectical improvisers (perhaps Sam Rivers and Ingrid Laubrock). This approach makes for a group resonance, a shifting dynamic equilibrium; one's eyes dart between the members trying to work out when she is leading and when she is following (perhaps a new riddle arises out of this! question: when is a soloist not a soloist, answer: Roz Harding). The spectacles of evolving scenes are both exciting and moving as prodigious techniques and craft skills are made to serve artistic creativity. Her combination of the aural and the visual makes for great entertainment besides great art; Roz is a textbook case that supports Dalacroze's idea. His eurhythmics, the art of interpreting music through bodily movements, stresses the aesthetic sense of musical structures. We get (warmly) to see her expressing her real-time musical-experiences as feelings, rather than get to abstract and intuit her demonstrating (coldly) her musical-knowledge." - Excerpt from Gary Bayley's 'Architecture and A Sense Of The City'. 

1. Breath Intro 01:38
2. If You Could 07:46
3. Waiting For Pea 08:15
4. Tangled Part 1 00:33
5. Tangled Part 2 12:12
6. Mega Bear 11:54
7. You Breathed In A Storm 07:20
8. For The Moon 04:10
9. Breath Outro 00:32
10. Yesterday I Was On Time 07:50
11. Fifty-Two Fifty 05:16

Mike Outram - guitar, voice
Jim Bashford - drums, voice