Thursday, June 28, 2018

Heinz Geisser - Guerino Mazzola Duo: Folia / The Unam Concert (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

Swiss drummer Heinz Geisser and pianist Guerino Mazzola have worked together since 1994, dovetailing their considerable creative energies into an ever-closer musical symbiosis. This recording was made in Mexico City in October 2000 under the best possible circumstances. A CD was played in the limousine which drove the duo to this concert of Rachmaninoff’s 'Corelli Variations', a reworking of a theme that had appeared earlier in Corelli’s 12th Violin Sonata in D minor. Even at that time it was a found theme originating in the 'Folia' madness, a fertility dance from the late 15th century. Rachmaninoff’s 'Folia' theme became a crucial agent in the Mexico City performance. As Mazzola reported, 'You can in fact hear this short theme all over the concert and it turned out that it fits incredibly well in my own harmonic, melodic and rhythmic strategies.' Geisser and Mazzola decided to call this CD Folia for its spontaneous mixture of madness and control. 

Their musical and improvisational abilities as a duo are nothing short of sensational throughout this exciting session. 

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1. The Man of the Sun 27:12
2. Sacrifice of the Dancer 25:27
3. Fiery Mirror 09:25

Guerino Mazzola Boesendorfer grand piano
Heinz Geisser percussion