Friday, June 15, 2018

Ahmed Abdullah Quartet - Liquid Magic (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"Abdullah has a good technique and a tone you could roast bread on. His cohorts – Malachi Favors, Charles Brackeen, Alvin Fielder – are enormously capable and experienced. Things really begin to happen and the album blazes with the vigor and sense of self-surprise that marked those that followed Ornette into wonderland in the early 1960s." 
Jack Cooke, The Wire, January 1989

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1. Mayibue 07:37
2. Reflections on a Mystic 05:16
3. Ebony Queen 08:15
4. Mystery of Two 03:22
5. Liquid Magic - The Ruler 10:49
6. Walk with God 06:56
7. The Ruler (Take 2) 09:22
8. Ebony Queen (Take 2) 08:33

Ahmed Abdullah trumpet, fluegelhorn, piano
Charles Brackeen tenor saxophone
Malachi Favors bass
Alvin Fielder drums