Friday, May 25, 2018

Wortart Ensemble - Home Sweet Home (Lieder vom Kommen, Gehen und Ble) UNIT RECORDS 2018

The Wortart Ensemble successfully found its place between the spheres of language and music. Since 2008, the vocal group has set poems of famous and lesser-known authors to music.

Wortart received several national and international awards for their work, wich also includes a collaboration with Nora Gomringer, winner of the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for literature in the German language.

Wortart's new album "Home Sweet Home - Songs about arriving, leaving and lingering" comprises texts of poets of various origins and generations.

Their arrangements tell stories about the longing for safety, the complexity of the term "home", about changing and leaving ones home as well as the loss of ones home country, and about starting off in an unknown country.

All members of the vocal quartet (Lena Sundermeyer - soprano, Hannah Ginsburg - soprano, Erik Leuthäuser - tenor, Lars Ziegler - baritone) contributed compositions to the album and introduced their musical provenance.

Hence, the created songs are very intimate, at times light or powerful and at the same time refined and touching.

1. Intro
2. Umarmung der Meridiane
3. Das Seil
4. Neue Ufer
5. Das plötzliche Land
6. Ich fahr dahin
7. Wundersam
8. Nur eine Rose als Stütze
9. Sprachfelder
10. A chorus
11. Für P.A.
12. Mantra 12. Mantra
13. Gedanken über die Dauer des Exils
14. Wenn wir bleiben könnten
15. Zuhause

Lena Sundermeyer - vocals (soprano)
Hannah Ginsburg - vocals (soprano)
Erik Leuthäuser - vocals (tenor)
Lars Ziegler - vocals (baritone)