Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Chicken-Like Birds: Wild Returns (May 2, 2018)

Who we are:  Chicken-Like Birds

Most of you who are reading this will know us as that quirky roots duo that acts like a married couple, might as well be siblings but in the end are really just the best of friends.  We play a mix of genres such as swing, rag, blues, country and throw in some elements you wouldn't always expect in those genres.  Essentially our music is a mix of the past meeting the present.  We tip our hats to country blues legends like Mississippi John Hurt, swing aficionados such as Cab Calloway, western swingers like Bob Wills, ragtime rollers, stride champions and country crooners.  We keep one foot planted in the past and one in the present, holding in high regard those that are pushing boundaries today, writing damn good songs and touring like addicts.  Our goal with music is to create songs that have something a bit unexpected in them yet to remain musical and engaging. Our live shows are never the same twice, full of fun stories, a wee bit of dancing, crisp vocals, poignant harmonies, relatable lyrics  and entertaining on-stage banter.

Our Album:  Wild Returns

This will be our third official recording project during the three years we've been a duo.  Once it was decided to make a new album and utilize Patrick Alexandre as a producer (you might know him as the bass player in the F-Holes or from his solo career or from playing with and co-producing Little Miss Higgins and the Winnipeg Five's Juno nominated album Bison Ranch Recording Sessions) we turned to our fans for guidance in naming our new album.  We asked our email list if they had any ideas what the album name should be and Katie Liebault replied back with the suggestion of Wild Returns.  Needless to say it hit us in just the right spot and soon Ari wrote a song with the title.  It works on a few levels, one where we are expecting wild returns from this album in the form of fame and fortune (haha, kidding!) and also where we are constantly hoping to connect back to that more animal way of being.  Since we have recently made the plunge and moved out to the country we feel like Wild Returns reflects the transition we've recently undergone.

1 Nice Feeling Blues 4:08
2 Willy Nilly 3:24
3 Chicken Coop 3:32
4 Underneath the Apple Tree 2:21
5 Dancing on a Cloud 3:57
6 Bury the Dog 3:44
7 Wild Returns 5:14
8 Ratbug Rock 2:42
9 Lonely Lullaby 4:02
10 Ragtime Cowboy Joe 3:52