Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Dorf & consord - Die Vollkommene Larve (UMLAND RECORDS 2018)

This project is based on a short story by polish SciFi author Stanislaw Lem, called “The Mask“. 

Roughly it is about a young woman, coming to consciousness, realizing that she is at a king´s court. She meets a young man and discovers, after short romance, that she is in fact a killer in form of an insect with artificial intelligence - built by the king to kill the lover. 

The question of awareness in machines, a reoccuring theme in Lem´s work, has a special reading here. The woman/ machine develops a conscience here and in the end it´s open, if she can get rid of her programming. 

1. Schöpfung 05:01
2. Debütantin 06:13
3. Weise 07:54
4. Kutsche 07:10
5. Garten der Liebe 04:34
6. Ausgeburt 06:19
7. Verfolgungsschwarm 07:43
8. Beichte 08:42
9. Gralsburg 10:36

libretto - Ruskin Watts
music - Jan Klare
live film - Achim Zepezauer

young womann - Marie Daniels
lover - samples from Franz Schubert´s Winterreise, Text: Wilhelm Müller
king - tetxtsamples from Michael Scriven „The Compleat Robot“ and "Kosmos Insektenführer"

Pavel Tseliapniou Flöte 
Vanessa Hövelmann Klarinette 
Diyi Li Fagott 
Enrico Taubmann Saxophon 
Timothy Page Horn 
Norbert Fabritius Trompete 
Karsten Süßmilch Posaune 
Jan Termath Tuba 
Gereon Voß Percussion 
Jaime Moragas Percussion 

The Dorf 
Julia Brüssel Geige 
Martin Verborg Geige 
Emily Wittbrodt Cello 
Ludger Schmidt Cello 
Stephan Gerhartz Trompete 
Markus Türk Trompete 
Felix Fritsche Saxophon 
Florian Walter Saxophon 
Christoph Berndt Saxophon 
Maria Trautmann Posaune 
Maximilian Wehner Posaune 
Adrian Prost Posaune 
Moritz Anthes Posaune 
Alex Morsey Tuba 
Kai Niggemann Buchla Synth 
Gilda Razani Theremin 
Serge Corteyn Gitarre 
Christian Hammer Gitarre 
Andreas Wahl Gitarre 
Oliver Siegel Keyboard 
Johannes Nebel Bass 
Marvin Blamberg Drums 
Simon Camatta Drums 
Jan Klare Airmovement 

recorded/ mixed/ mastered by Denis Cosmar 
artwork by Achim Zepezauer