Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pit&Co - L'émigré (UNIT RECORDS 2018)

A jazz fed by Latin sounds, contemporary music, groove and improvisation. A “fusion jazz”, luminous or abrasive, sophisticated or spontaneous, able to express the excitement of travels and new encounters.

Pit and Company: it is a quintet freely expressing the thrill of the great escape and of the adventures in the big wide world.

At the helm of this inspired endeavour is the very best of the French-speaking part of Switzerland’s jazz and Latin jazz: Peter Balazs (double bass) and Stéphanie Küffer (piano), joined by Mathieu Schneider (flute) and Raphael Nick (drums, percussion) as well as the special guest Gerry López (saxophone).

Gathered together in a gang loving jazz in all its shapes and forms, from barred grooves to unbridled fusions, these five virtuosos present, in spring 2018, “L’ Emigré”: the first studio album signed Pit and Company. An invitation to embark on an odyssey without borders spanning enchanting, lyrical and unique climates.

L'émigré [Clean] 5:15
2 Como 4:26
3 Urban Scenes 6:32
4 La Rana Perdida 5:27
5 N.Y. Diary 8:54
6 En Attendant 6:12
7 Richies's Moods 3:29
8 Blen Beach 2:44