Sunday, April 29, 2018

Ensamble Kuai - Soledades Permanentes (KUAI MUSIC 2018)

This record pays tribute to the great composer Jorge López Ruíz and is based on his album “Bronca Buenos Aires” (1969). Jazmín Prodan, Andrés Elstein, Damien Poots and Juan Bayón have written it collaboratively. Each movement of “Soledades Permanentes” is a very intimate reinterpretation of López Ruíz’s pieces, and though these four young composers pay respect to the mood of its original release, the sound and spirit of Kuai Music is still there. Produced and coordinated by Juan Bayón.

1. Introducción: Un Sueño Casual 03:54
2. Parte I: Rumor de Muerte 05:45
3. Parte II: Relatar el Mundo 12:40
4. Parte III: Los Silencios 13:16
5. Parte IV: Murmullos/Bronca Buenos Aires 11:18

"Introduction: Un sueño casual"/"Part I: Rumor de Muerte" composed by Jazmín Prodan. Tenor sax solo: Pablo Moser 
"Part II: Relatar el Mundo" by Andrés Elstein. Soprano sax solo: Emmanuel Famin; Trumpet solo: Sebastián Greschuk 
"Part III: Los Silencios" composed by Damien Poots. Flute solo: Emmanuel Famin; tenor sax solo: Pablo Moser 
"Part IV: Murmullos/Bronca Buenos Aires" composed by Juan Bayón & Jorge Lopez Ruíz, arranged by Juan Bayón. Alto sax solo: Lucas Goicoechea; tenor sax solo: Juani Méndez; drums & percussion solo: Andrés Elstein & Fran Cossavella

Jazmín Prodan: vocals
Sebastián Greschuk: trumpet
Lucas Goicoechea: alto sax
Emmanuel Famin: alto & soprano sax, flute
Juani Méndez: tenor sax
Pablo Moser: tenor sax
Sebastián Mazzalupo: baritone sax
Nataniel Edelman: piano
Damien Poots: guitar
Juan Bayón: bass
Andrés Elstein: drums
Fran Cossavella: percussion

Recorded on July 31th 2017 at Doctor F, Buenos Aires
Recording Engineer: Florencio Justo & Agustín Silberleib
Mixed and mastered by Florencio Justo at Doctor F
Thank you Florencio and Agustín from all the Kuai staff for your commitment and support during this process
Cover art: Nicolás Gaggero